Data Security Policy
Data Security Policy

We, as Reha Textile Management, are aware of our responsibility to protect personal data, and we aim to apply a data security management system to guarantee the security of data used in any commercial activities, storage locations, and activities of our company and monitor storing, sharing with third parties, access, processing and monitoring of all activities.  Within this framework, we aim and declare to fulfill the basic principles below.
To be aware of data collection, analyze risks, evaluate issues posing risks, and taking necessary precautions against any personal data security issues
To protect data storage of Reha Textile Industry and Limited Company against any inside or outside, conscious or unconscious threats, to provide confidentiality, unity, and appropriate accessibility,
To follow the technological innovations and developments in the field of Information Security Management System, to ensure the continuous improvement of the system, to review it regularly, To have the competence to rapidly intervene and minimize the effect of information security risks that may occur.


Development and Improvement of Business Continuity Plans
To work in line with the Republic of Turkey's laws, regulations, circulars, customer contracts, and the requirements established by legislation as required by the job.
To provide the necessary support when taking necessary precautions against unauthorized use, disclosure, and damage of all information assets within the scope.
To provide the necessary support for the studies to be carried out to detect, report, close and prevent any real or suspected violations of information security incidents.
To provide the necessary support and take the necessary steps in order to reduce the detected risks to the tolerable levels by evaluating the risks of data storage. To provide the necessary support to detection, notification, closure, and prevention of repetition of all real or suspected violations of information security incidents.
To provide the necessary resources for the implementation, maintenance, and improvement of the Information Security Management System.
To provide the necessary support to the planning to be made for the regular provision of awareness programs to the employees and supplier employees when they are relevant, which will increase the awareness of the personnel's information security and encourage them to contribute to the operation of the system.