Human Resources Policy
Human Resources Policy

We recognize that the key point to keep our intellectual potential is possible with our employees’ loyalty to the company and we ensure that by following a transparent and equal management policy.
Our company aims to provide an essential workforce in line with its strategical plans and objectives also productively and sustainably.
In line with our policy, our objective is to provide our employees' training and self-improvement opportunities and maximize their productivity by helping them shape their career maps.
The aim of our Human Resouces Policy is planning, selection, recruitment, assignment, and development of human resources that will ensure the effectiveness and sufficient execution of the activities in our company, planning and implementing the training needs by determining and meeting the requirements, determining the competencies, performance management, career planning studies in line with scientific methods.
Main principles of our human resources policy;

• Establishing and implementing a system for determining, selecting and recruiting employees that will enable our company to perform its activities effectively and efficiently,

• Identifying, implementing and evaluating the results for the benefit of the company, the training programs that aim to provide the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to ensure that our personnel can keep up with the developments by all means and improvements in their professional field, increase their job satisfaction, and ensure their success in the business environment,

• Developing a performance management system that will allow staff to see the real results of their work, and evaluate the results of their success,

• Establishing and implementing a career management system that ensures the continuous development of the personnel within the organization, prepares themselves for the responsibilities required for higher positions, and ensures the most effective evaluation of our employees at all levels willing to take responsibility,

• To collect information about the scope of work performed in the institution, human resource requirements and working conditions, and to conduct business analyzes to evaluate this information, to prepare job descriptions in accordance with changing conditions,

• To direct the applications to be carried out by taking the opinions of the employees through questionnaires and other methods,

• To ensure the formation of  "Corporate Culture and Awareness" by meeting the social and cultural needs of the staff,

• To create an understanding of sustainability among employees in order to meet today's needs in a way that does not negatively affect the resources of future generations. While planning its strategies, instead of focusing only on short-term solutions, our company aims to spread the awareness that will determine its goals by evaluating its environmental and socio-economic dimensions.

• Occupational health and Safety
To be respectful to people and the environment by focusing on occupational health and safety, to develop systems to prevent occupational accidents, to prioritize Occupational Health and Safety and Environment in our projects, to be structured in a way to respond to emergencies, to be transparent to our stakeholders in our practices.