We know that we only have one planet and we have to protect it. We promise to take necessary steps to have a cleaner, liveable world and we declare to carry out all of our activities by adopting the perspective of sustainability, transparency, and in a human health and environment-sensitive manner.

With the help of our Recycle Habitat Labs, we try to figure out ways to become greener and remain a sustainable company. We pay extra attention to every step of our way from acquiring raw materials to manufacturing. By using ecological materials that contribute to eco-sustainability we choose employing methods working with minimum energy and cause the least pollution.


We set up environmental aims on an international scale to reduce the negative effects of our activities and to use resources appropriately. We always keep an eye on our carbon footprints, energy and water consumption numbers and we place great value on waste management and reforesting. We work all the time to improve the sustainable fashion industry.

Renewable Energy

We always explore ways to improve our overall performance in using renewable energy. Power saving machine replacements, equipment developments, and similar steps are carefully evaluated and used in our processes to reduce our carbon footprint. We take both technical and executive precautions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption.

Water Consumption

Water plays a significant role in the manufacturing process. We are aware of the fact that this resource is limited and vital, so we develop a variety of water reuse projects. We monitor our water processing equipment and wastewater mechanisms regularly and seek innovative technologies.

Chemical Policy

We provide products that are free from toxins that are hazardous to human health and the environment as it is grounded within the frame of international regulations regarding these substances. We limit the concentration of chemical substances in our final products and raw materials. To execute these limitations, we conduct detailed and comprehensive chemical management studies. Moreover, we conduct regular tests that examine our wastewater to avoid any release of harmful toxins into nature.

Ecological Raw Materials

As a part of our environmentally conscious ethics, it is inevitable to use sustainable materials for our products. We ensure transparency by establishing a monitorable manufacturing process. Recycled, organic, and organic blended materials are used in our products by applying environmentally friendly and renewable manufacturing methods. This way, we believe we can contribute to a greener world and the sustainability of manufacturing.