About Us

As a family company founded in Istanbul in 2001, we continue our journey as one of the leading exporting companies of Turkey with our magnificent knitted and light fabrics production.

We offer our customers a complete service; high quality and diverse products which we produce by adopting environmentally friendly methods and considering ready-to-wear brands' needs.

We owe our knitwear leadership to having over 40 years of experience, constantly renewed technology, and modern solutions that we include in knitwear production. With the help of a productive work environment and opportunities we intentionally establish, we work towards our goal of continuous progress and growth.

Fabrics into Fashion, Designs into Reality

With over 40 years of experience and thanks to our innovative technology and global production expertise in the fields of knitwear and soft woven for 20 years as Reha Textile, we create millions of unique high-quality products that are being sold to both local and global markets and international ready-to-wear brands.

Bringing Your Designs into


As a reliable and successful business partner in the global textile industry, we are extremely proud to represent many ready-to-wear brands from different countries including Germany, Italy, England, Denmark, and France with our exclusive service and international quality products.

Cleaner and Greener World,
A Sustainable Fashion

We, with the help of our professional team, design and create high quality and aesthetic looking clothes using eco-textiles that contribute to ecological sustainability.

Our Mission Combining innovative technology with our wide experience, applying the most environmentally friendly production methods, manufacturing both product and service demands of the textile industry with the best quality available, and arrange business partnerships with global and local ready-to-wear clothing brands on the simple basis of long-term mutual interest and trust.
Our Vision Based on our principle of giving nature and humankind the respect they deserve, we put forward products and work with people that contribute to sustainable textile, set trends in the industry, and become an irrepressible business partner for global textile companies.

Customer Satisfaction Oriented and Supportive

Customer Relations

We enjoy asking for our customers' needs, clarify their demands and followingly we reach a common product expectation while building a close relationship based on trust and transparency.

At every step of the manufacturing and supply process, we communicate with our clients regularly to provide frequent updates and support.

We aim to present a smooth supply process as we are aware that an accurate, complete, and on-time delivery is the most important feature of the service we provide.

We also foresee our business partners' future needs and develop our knowledge and skills in designing services and products to always support them on this shared journey.

Innovative Technologies,
First Class Products

By following the latest improvements in technology, we integrate the most innovative and productive quality assessment methods into our process. We improve global production expertise parallel to the integration to make sure your products meet the highest quality standards.

While improving our production capacity, we constantly seek better technologies and equipment on how to reduce our waste and minimize the energy we use.

Wide Range of Products,

Aesthetic Designs

We guide our customers about global fashion trends thanks to our diverse portfolio developed by our professional team. Our portfolio involves unique creativeness, sophisticated designs, and a variety of beautiful patterns.

We make fashion discovery visits, in other words, we follow international trends and design and fashion predictions for the upcoming season by participating in textile and fashion fairs all around the world as well as keeping up with the digital fashion platforms. So, we constantly renew and develop our collections by creating new and unique designs with the trends that are constantly changing in the fashion world.