Social Politics of Our Company
Social Politics of Our Company

As Reha Textile International Trade and Industry Company, we believe that the quality of our services and products improve even more thanks to our employees’ perception of quality and responsibility. We support this process by making necessary investments to set our Quality, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Principles as a service standard and follow international and national regulations with great meticulousness.
With a sense of quality and a unique vision, Reha Textile Industry and Limited Company aim to provide its customers with great quality and performance as well as the most convenient prices.  
As a company aware of social responsibilities and is environmentally conscious, taking measures to minimize the negative effects of any means of our production chain is crucial to us.
We, as management, strongly believe that we can reach our goals by adapting and strictly following our “Quality, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Politics”.
Our company accepts and declares its employees to benefit from all rights provided by the law and other relevant standards when performing its services in accordance with Social
Adaptability Standards. Furthermore, our company follows innovations closely, works in line with ILO regulations, national and international standards, and in accordance with the customers’ work ethics with the help of our Quality Assessment Systems & Social Adaptability Department.
The exercising and sustainability of this ethic are ensured through the application of the following principles.

Management system, transparency, and monitoring
Our company forms policies, procedures, and legislation to fully cooperate with its customers and other third parties in a transparent way. Through these policies, our company develops a system that prevents corruption and bribery.

Preventing Child Labor
Our company complies with the national and international law organizing minimum employee age standards. Child labor is strictly forbidden in our company or any other subcontractor, contract manufacturers, or suppliers. We are against child labor at all costs.

Private Protection for Young Workers
Our company ensures that young workers are not working at night, and prevent risky environments in terms of health, safety, moral values, and development. As we attach great importance to ensuring young workers, we make sure they have access to complaint platforms and Occupational Health and Safety training systems and programs. Necessary mechanisms have been established by our company to prevent, identify, and reduce harm to young workers.

Prevent Working Without Insurance
Our company’s employment ethics prevent its employees to experience any distrust towards our company, social or financial difficulties. Employees are provided with a comprehensive and clear orientation including information on their rights, responsibilities, working hours, payments, and available payment methods. All rights provided by business contracts are secured by mutual signing.

Preventing Payment of Debt by Workforce
Our company does not approve servitude, forced labor, debt payment by labor (debt bondage), permanent apprenticeship, illegal employment, or non-consensual employment.
Provided that, if employees give notice to their employer with reasonable timing, they are allowed to resign and terminate their employment contracts.
Our company has developed procedures to ensure its employees are not subjected to inhumane or degrading treatment, physical punishment, mental or physical pressure, and/or verbal abuse.

Forced Labor
Our company prohibits all forms of forced labor. All our employees have equal rights and freedom in the decision to overwork and no employee can be forced to overwork. Oppressive and forced labor is not tolerated by our company.

Avoid Discrimination
Our company is extremely careful about equal opportunity and equal rights. In recruitment, job placement, rewarding, promotion, and retirement practices there is no discrimination against religion, language, race, gender, color, nationality or social background, age, and disability.
Such discriminative behavior can not be tolerated by our company.

Humane Working Hours
As it is described by the law, the regular working hour in our company is 45 hours per week. Young workers’ allowed working hours are 40 hours as legislated by the law. Our employees have the right to have an uninterrupted 24 hours off day.

Occupational Health and Safety
Our company provides a safe working environment that is in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations. We monitor our employee’s working environments regularly with our occupational health and safety experts. We manage activities to minimize the risks in our production environment. All employees are trained in workplace safety and occupational health.

Right to Express Wishes and Complaints
Listening to our employees’ complaints and providing solutions to these issues are crucial to us.  We adopt an open-door policy in our company. All employees are free to express their wishes and complaints by using the wish and complaint boxes in our facilities.

Freedom to Unite and Collective Contact
As an employer, we respect our employees to form an association and collectively seek their rights, including joining or not joining an association.
Regardless of an employee’s position, all our employees are guaranteed the right to form a union, to become a member of a union, and to make a collective contract. There is no negative attitude towards workers due to the use of such rights.
Workers' representatives can freely perform their duties in the workplace.

Disciplinary Practices
All of our employees must treat each other with respect and should maintain their professional attitude. Physical punishment, illegal disciplinary practices, mental and physical oppression are not tolerated. Disciplinary practices are maintained in accordance with national and international laws if deemed necessary.

Fair Wage
In accordance with the relevant Turkish Republic Law, our company pays minimum wage and above to its employees. There are no deductions from the wages that are avoiding legal grounds or are simply illegal.
In accordance with the legal working hours, employees are allowed to overwork and they are paid regularly within the periods legislated by the same laws.
Fees are paid on time, regularly and in full in national currency. Partial payments made in the form of in-kind allowances are recognized as an additional social right to employees.

Human Resources
We recognize that the key points to keep our intellectual potential are our employees' loyalty to their company by following a transparent and equal management policy.
Our company aims to provide an essential workforce in line with its strategical plans and objectives also productively and sustainably.
In line with our policy, our objective is to provide our employee's training and self-improvement opportunities and maximize their productivity by creating their career maps.

Protecting the Environment
Our company commits all legal regulations and legislation about the environment.
The principles above apply to all subcontractors and are audited periodically within the management system.

Ethical Work Perspective
Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, minimum industry standards, ILO and UN conventions, and all other important legal demands are considered core to our work ethics.
Including but not limited to the following briberies, our company will not be involved in any form of corruption, peculation, promise, issuing, or receiving any financial or other incentive offers.
We fulfill privacy and information security laws and legislative requirements for the collection, use, and other processing of personal data.

Control of Suppliers and Stakeholders
Our company takes a collaborative approach to take all reasonable and appropriate measures within its sphere of activities, which are necessary for the implementation of the Customer and Company Code of Conduct, in which business partners are included.
Reha Textile Industry and Limited Company will work to figure out the main causes of any violation of human rights. In this framework, it establishes the necessary management systems, policies, and procedures, as well as effectively preventing and dealing with all negative effects on human rights that can be detected in the supply chain.